Hair Loss – Why am I Losing Hair so Much?

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Hair Loss – Why am I Losing Hair so Much?

If you find yourself alarmed by the amount of shedding you undergo and hair loss, well, you’re not alone.

Experts say that the average human sheds up to 100 hair strands every day.

According to Robert J. Dorin, DO, “About 90 percent of the hair on your head is in the growing anagen phase, while 10 percent is in the resting telogen phase, which means 10 percent falls out to leave room for new hair.”

Of course, various factors contribute to more or less shedding throughout your life. Here a few of these factors to help you gauge your hair loss.

  1. Sickness and Stress – Your hair is extremely sensitive to internal upsets, especially if you are sick, stressed or have an imbalanced diet, according to Anabel Kingsley, a Philip Kingsley hair and scalp expert. It can take up to 12 weeks for the shedding to occur, so you might not put them together.
  1. Extreme dieting – Kingsley goes on to say that “Hair cells grow quickly but are given last dibs on nutrients you ingest.” This means that juicing and dieting can reduce your hair’s energy supply because of a lack of iron and protein. Various vitamins can reenergize hair growth if you’re deficient and reduce your hair loss.
  1. Pregnancy – Over 50 percent of all women experience postpartum shedding within several months after giving birth. This hair loss is chalked up to higher than normal estrogen levels during pregnancy which contribute to longer hair growth, and a dramatic decrease of estrogen post birth which causes follicles to go into resting stage. This leads to hair loss. It is a temporary effect, but can be alarming.
  1. Same amount of shedding for men and women – Both sexes shed the approximate amount, but women can tend to appear to lose more hair because of treatments and longer strands that are simply more noticeable.