Face Slimming Treatment Comparison

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Face Slimming Treatment Comparison

With time, there are new technologies and treatments coming up to remedy any aesthetic issue. Facial fat is becoming a common problem amongst many people in the current generation. There is a wide and extensive range of new treatments available that helps in resolving the problem. However, every treatment comes with its own complexities and side effects.

Here are the most common face slimming treatments today:


Botox jaw slimming (4.5/5)

This is done by injecting Botox into different spots on the face. The idea is to shrink the facial muscle which is causing the face to appear fat and puffy. This process is typically non-surgical and minimally invasive, so little pain will be experienced during the procedure. Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic would be a great place for this highly recommended face slimming service. Results can be seen within 2 to 8 weeks and the whole new look will appear natural. The best part is that this procedure is generally very affordable to the mass, so it is definitely the top choice among all.


Non-invasive Radio Frequency (RF) (4/5)

Making use of thermal heat energy stimulated from RF, new collagen is being generated to contract the facial skin for smoothing and tightening process. This allows the facial skin to stay youthful and remove any sign of loose and sagging skin post procedure. One downside is that the process is slow, though some may prefer it due to it being non-invasive and painless.


Chin Filler (3.5/5)

The most common chin filler would be hyaluronic acid, a proteoglycan which is easily broken down by our body system. This is injected to the chin area for contouring purposes, in order to create an optical illusion of the most desirable V-shaped face. In actual fact, the entire face is not being slimmed down, so jaw slimming is usually recommended to be done along with chin filler injection.


Jaw Surgery (3/5)

For those who opt for the most extreme measure, jaw surgery is typically done by cutting the jawbones and adjust them to a proper position. Then the operated jaws are secured using bone plates and screws. It is definitely the most painful option among all, and requires a long recuperation period. Significant results can usually be expected, but there always exists the risk of a botched job which can potentially lead to paralysis.

Out of all the above procedures, Botox Jaw Slimming is the most recommended among them due to it being quick and non-invasive. There are professional doctors available at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic to perform this service at an affordable price, so a beautiful slim face is definitely within reach.