Some Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

burning belly fat

Some Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

You know belly fat is bad and you’re fed up of having it.

Now it’s time to get rid of it. While a healthy diet will help, it’s not going to change it completely. You need to exercise too and need to do the right type of exercises. Here are the best exercises to shed belly fat.

Focus on the Core Exercises

Exercises that work your core muscles will help. While they don’t do miracles, they will work better than crunches! Some of these exercises include the plank, the superman and spider planks. You can also opt for yoga and Pilates to work on the core muscles. Not only will you find you get rid of visceral fat, but you’ll also work on your lower back and hip strength, offering other health benefits.

Do More Cardio Exercises

Another option is to do more cardio. This is great because cardio works on the fat more than the muscles, especially if you work at around 60% of your maximum heart rate. You can’t just go out for the odd job here and there. Make it a regular occurrence, so get out at least three days a week and create a routine with it. You’ll then want to use two other days for your core training so you get five days of exercise a week.

Start the Lunge Workouts

Lunges don’t just work your legs and butt. They work your abs, too, and can help work away at your belly fat. There are different versions of lunges that you want to try. Start with regular ones, and then add twists and weights to help work your core further. Really concentrate on keeping those core muscles tight throughout to make the most of these exercises.

It’s all about working the right muscles and burning belly fat at the same time. Doing hundreds of crunches a day will not help you. It’s time to do the right type of exercises to shed the belly fat. Cardio is great, but working on your core is also highly recommended.