Reasons of Belly Fat

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Reasons of Belly Fat

Health is one true factor that concerns each and every one of us equally

Health is never a constant factor unless you keep serious track of what you eat and to which atmosphere you expose yourself to. We all have times of good health and times of bad health. Slight change in our lifestyle can flip our health 180 degrees. Normally we all establish our routines toward maximising our level of health to ensure a safe and healthy life. Even with all the care, it is not easy to dodge downs in our health.

Belly fat is a type of unwanted condition in which the doctors and the medicines might not be entirely effective. Belly fat depends completely on your diet and routine. Belly fat is basically excess of fats in the abdominal area but particularly considered to be visceral fats the kind that surrounds your abdominal organs and puff. It affects our stomach as well and transforms it into a “beer gut”. Belly fat can cause heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. Belly fat goes by the more official terminology of “central obesity”.

Carbonated drinks are part of our diet now. A person who consumes carbonated drink every day can have five times faster waistline increase than a person who consumes it once a week. An inactive lifestyle can also cause serious health conditions. Less consumption of monounsaturated fats leads to belly fat. A healthy adult should eat 20 to 25 grammes of proteins in his diet every day. Less than that amount on a daily basis can cause belly fat.

Our genes play an important role in deciding where to put the fat in our body. There are two types of people apple shaped and pear shaped. Apple shaped bodies have the tendency of storing fat around the midsection.

The Rush University Medical Center study states that our depression is one of the main belly fat causes. Because depression leads to inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating. A 2013 study found that magnesium regulates more than 300 functions in the body and magnesium rich diet can prevent belly fat.