PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are non-surgical and non-chemical options to improve hair growth. They help the body’s own platelets make the hair grow and are one of the best hair loss treatment.

PRP has become extremely popular in recent years for other health benefits. These include healing muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments.

Skin rejuvenation and hair restoration are two very recent options available.

When properly applied, this is a completely pain-free method. The offices only use a local anesthetic, and it takes just an hour or so to complete. There are no restrictions or issues after the procedure.

Who Is PRP Hair Loss Treatment For?

Ideal patients are those with thin and weak hair follicles to work with. The area should be at least 50 percent of the normal control area, according to HairCheck measurements, and the density NOT severely depleted. The treatment is known as a “lunch hour” procedure and helps to improve many weak follicles to improve coverage and volume. It can also be used with other forms of therapy, including oral and topical medications. These medications and therapies include Formula 82M Minoxidil, Low Level Laser Therapy, hair transplants and nutritional supplements.

The Cost

When PRP is used with ECM/BioD-Restore, it costs around $2,500 per treatment. This includes the local anesthetic and mechanical micropen platelet activiation, along with a love level laser therapy session that lasts 15-minutes.

Side Effects

The scalp may be red and numb for up to 24 hours. There is a small risk of disease transmission and infection, however, this hair loss treatment procedure uses a patient’s own blood and all equipment is sterile. The results will vary, and it depends on genetic issues, loss pattern, medications, age, health status and concomitant therapies among other factors.