Medical Treatments

facial fat

Medical Treatments

There are many individuals found facing problems with facial fat

That facial fat tends to make them look aged and develop wrinkles early. It is important to act fast and seek professional help to reduce such fat. Facial fat can be burnt by exercising regularly and following a proper diet. However, there are some cases which medical attention can rectify the problem and resolve it in a shorter time. With medical intervention, the desired result can be achieved. Here are some popular medical treatments for fat face problems:


This is one effective treatment mainly used to remove facial fat. It is gaining popularity thanks to its positive results in helping many shed fat from the face. However, this medical treatment carries the side effects of infection, embolism, light scarring and edema.  For every liposuction, a limited amount of fat can be removed from face at once.

Face Lift

The face lift is another surgical method that is commonly used to treat fat face. It is carried out under general anesthesia and is found to be quite effective for removing facial fat. With the help of this technique, excessive fats are removed from jawline and neckline. This medical treatment comes with more surgical trauma and comes with longer recovery time. Many local clinics are offering such a service, with Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic being a great choice there.



Ultrasound is another effective treatment that is used to liquefy fats deposited in the face. This process is great due to the fact that fat tissues are not dense like connective tissues, nerve fibers or vessels. The liquefied fats are then naturally removed from our body or are suctioned after small incision. This is an effective medical treatment used to remove excessive fats from human face and is approved for cosmetic use.


Whichever method you choose to treat your fat face, always seek certified professionals to perform the treatments. Check out this post for some before and after photos.