Pamper Yourself at Kowayo This Christmas

Nose Contouring has many benefits

Pamper Yourself at Kowayo This Christmas

Last week, we posted an article with some beauty recommendations from Kowayo. It was in conjunction with their Christmas packages. This week, we look at treatments involving the nose. As we all know, genetics plays a big part in our facial features. More often than not, we wonder if we could change the size and definition of the nose. At Kowayo, it is possible due to the experience of the team and the myriad of treatments available.

Nose fillers are the first treatment in this Christmas package. After a consultation by Dr Wong, he will carefully inject areas on the nose to enhance it. The fillers will add volume to your features, and it will result in the look that you desire. If necessary, the fillers can be reversed, making this a very safe procedure. Downtime of the procedure is minimal and some effects are reddish skin, which will dissipate after a few hours. Time is an important factor to many, hence the results are instant, making this treatment a favorite to many.

The second treatment is Thread Face Lift. Kowayo uses N-Cog Thread that is completely dissolvable. The first effect is that it provides a lifting effect. The thread tightens and then lifts the face, resulting in a V Shaped Face that is accentuated with the  Nose Fillers. This is seen immediately after the treatment. This treatment is non-invasive and has a minimal downtime, which is sought after by many clients. The last important benefit is that it stimulates collagen, which is a building block for elasticity. This reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

The above two treatments will start you on your journey to a beautiful you this Christmas. Do give them a call at 6884 4280 for more information!