Jaw reduction – Before and After photos

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Jaw reduction – Before and After photos

There are many people who are not contented with their face contour, so they often spend money to seek out jaw reduction surgery. Usually such surgery is only needed when the jawbone is wide, since the outer layer has to be removed in order for the jawline to appear nicer. If the problem is simply due to the facial muscle being enlarged, Botox injection can be applied instead. This allows the muscle to slowly shrink over a few months and the fat face problem will be effectively remedied.


Jaw reduction preparation

Before the jaw reduction procedure, it is very obvious that the lady has a square jaw and would definitely want to have a more natural looking jawline.

After full recovery, her face has a better contour which makes her a lot more aesthetically pleasing and that gives her more confidence in her new looks.


Jaw reduction before and after

Unlike the previous one, this lady does not visibly have a square jaw, but she felt that her face was a bit too puffy which makes her look a lot fatter than she actually is.

By undergoing jaw reduction surgery and injecting Botox, her cheeks have shrunk considerably and her jaw has a nicer contour than before.


Jaw reduction before/after 2

The above lady has a bit of a fat face issue, noticeably at the cheek area. She opts for a non-surgical method by performing face slimming exercises. Results may not be as drastic compared to undergoing surgery, but her face does look a bit slimmer after a few months. Watching her own diet and getting sufficient sleep every day also contribute to her cause.


Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic is a recommended place if you are keen to fix your fat face issue or for face slimming and dreamed jaw reduction. It offers great non-surgical jaw slimming as well as fillers for different facial areas. Getting a sharp V-shaped face is no longer a distant dream.