Hair Loss Trends Increasing in Men

hair loss trends

Hair Loss Trends Increasing in Men

Of the number of males seeking treatment for hair loss, approximately 30% of those are in their 30’s and 40’s.

According to the Health Insurance Review & Institution Service in Seoul, the numbers of these hair loss trends are increasing by an average of approximately 4.8% for Korean men on an annual basis.

Hair loss is something that everyone deals with, though many might not see a significant loss that others can. It is normal for a healthy person to lose around 50-70 hair strands per day.  For many others, however, hair loss goes beyond the norm.

One reason for the hair loss trends in men is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

This hormone serves many functions – including causing the body to enter into puberty during the teenage years and for many physical characteristics of the adult male. DHT is also understood to have a part in destroying hair follicles in men.

There are DHT inhibitors on the market that serve to block the body’s production of DHT, and this can be helpful in slowing or stopping hair loss when traced back to DHT production. However, it is important to note the side effects associated with the DHT inhibitors, including breast tenderness and breast enlargement (in men) and may cause false positive results in tests for prostate cancer.

Another reason for hair loss in men and women for that matter is poor diet and increased stress. To maintain good overall health, attention should be paid to ensuring a balanced, healthy diet so that you can fuel the body correctly. As well, taking steps to decrease stress in your life will not only help to decrease your chances of hair loss but will also serve you well in overall health.

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common causes of male hair loss, and genetic factors play a role in this condition, as well as environmental factors.  In the early stages of this condition, there are options and hair loss remedies available to help slow or stop the loss of hair including the drugs Propecia, which is widely available in Korea.  One should also consider the side effects from this type of drug, including sexual side effects, swelling in hands and feet, dizziness, and more.

Another great option for hair loss would be the IllumiLASER Hair Activator at Cambridge. Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic’s Hair & Scalp Package is worth considering as well. As always, you should consult your physician before making decisions on which hair loss remedy might be best for you.