Hair Loss Facts

hair loss facts

Hair Loss Facts

The causes of hair loss are many, some are normal and some can be prevented. Healthy people under normal conditions will lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. This doesn’t necessarily get noticed because you are generating new hair growth all of the time. Permanent hair loss happens when there is some type of impedance in the growth cycle or damage to the follicle.

While getting down to the exact cause of hair loss can be extremely difficult, there are typically one of the following factors at play:


Male (or Female) Pattern Baldness (or androgenetic alopecia) is a fairly common condition in which the patterns are typical and predictable. The common factors of this type of baldness includes receding hairlines, overall thinning, or patches of balding areas in the typical spots like the crown of the head. The thinning of hair over the entire head is typically more connected with women than men, and rarely ends up in total baldness.

Genetics plays a huge factor in the question of if you will experience hair loss, when, and what type of hair loss you will encounter. The process of male pattern baldness can start occurring as early as the teenage years and will increase with age. For women, pattern baldness will typically begin to show signs following the onset of menopause.

Medical History and Hormonal Inconsistency

Several of the following conditions can lead to hair loss:

  • Changes in hormonal activity – Imbalances and changes in hormones will typically lead to temporary changes in the thickness and appearance of the hair. Hormones are affected by a variety of factors including puberty, pregnancy, thyroid changes, and menopause.
  • Infections on the scalp – Problems and skin conditions on the scalp can lead to hair loss, but the hair will typically regrow once the issues have been cleared up.
  • Skin disorders – Any problems with the skin that cause damage to the follicles can interfere with hair growth or cause permanent loss of hair.
  • Medications – There are several types of medicine that can interfere with hair growth and cause hair loss. For a list of these medications, please consult your physician.
  • Other Health Issues – Several types of health disorders, including thyroid problems, depression, blood pressure inconsistencies, and heart problems can cause issues with hair growth and lead to temporary or permanent loss of hair.