Get a Better Hair Day With Scalp Botox Injections

Get a Better Hair Day With Scalp Botox Injections

You’ve likely heard of getting Botox injections in your wrinkles, and some will have heard that they can stop excessive sweating.

But did you know that they can give you better hair with scalp Botox injections?

According to Rebekah Woolley, the injections were able to help her cut down the amount she sweated. She is an avid boxer and runner, and sweats “like crazy.” That caused problems for her hair. She often experienced wet, stringy hair, making her want to start over with a trip in the shower.

One blow dry wasn’t worth the money she would spend. It just didn’t last the workout.

Dendy Engleman, a dermatologist, said that he thought this was only something that he could do in New York. A patients had contacted him about using Botox under the arms and on her palms to help control her hyper hidrosis—excess sweating.

The scalp was another area, and one where Botox could also help with hair growth. Dr. Engleman knew the side effects that less sweating could mean better hair growth, so decided it was worth it.

It costs women between $1,200 and $1,500 for the 150-200 injections to see an improvement, with many saying it is worth the investment.

Jeannel Astarita, another exercise fan, said that the Botox to the scalp means she doesn’t have to skip her workouts. It was worth signing up for immediately. She can now just take her hair down after a spin class and know that it will look great.

The injections are placed directly into the hair follicles, and the sweat glands can be deactivated for 6-12 months. However, he has said that some patients sweat more often in other places because of the injections.

The amount of time the Botox lasts is much more than it does with wrinkles. Those who get it for wrinkles will see it is effective for only six months. When used to reduce sweating, the patients will see effects take place within two weeks.

Woolley admitted that her hope is the scalp Botox injections don’t just mean making more use of her blowouts, but also to save her time throughout the day.