Ellanse Fillers: Singapore’s Most Long Lasting Dermal Fillers

Ellanse Fillers: Singapore’s Most Long Lasting Dermal Fillers

Face fillers are one of the most common beauty treatments in Singapore today. However, even within such a niche market in tiny Singapore, there are like 1,000,000 and 1 choices. Just look at how many different types of dermal fillers we have on the market! From the ever-present Juvederm to Restylane, Sculptra, Botox and Ellanse. So what works best?

In truth, best is very subjective. It really depends on the type of effect you are going for and which area you want the fillers applied to. Some are thicker and harder. Some hold the shape longer. Some are meant to be gentler so it can be applied to more sensitive spots. But I’ve personally fallen in love with one specific one: Ellanse.

The Magic of Ellanse

Ellanse is an injectable treatment that can penetrate deeply and offer dermal and sub-dermal implantation. Like many dermal fillers, Ellanse is a long-lasting and cost-effective beauty treatment. Ellanse fillers can be used to eliminate wrinkles and folds, to pump up low areas in the cheeks, and contour the prominent features of the face. The key difference lies in the fact that Ellanse doesn’t actually fill your face up with any foreign liquid.

Read it again. Ellanse DOES NOT fill your body with any foreign liquid.

What Ellanse does it that is actually stimulates the collagen from within your own face to make it grow younger! Sounds like science-fiction? I was very surprised too when I first learned about it.

ellanse in singapore

Picture courtesy of Yahoo article

With one quick look at many of the girls in Singapore today, you can almost immediately tell they’ve done plastic surgery. The eyelids are a dead giveaway, but there’s just a very carbon-copy look about it all. Hard liquid fillers can sometimes have that effect too. What we want is to look younger and more natural, instead of fake. This is where Ellanse makes a difference. The downside to this natural result is that of course, it takes time. Your body can’t grow younger in 20 minutes. The full results usually come in around 2-4 months after the treatment. Good things come to those who wait.


Ellanse in Singapore

So all things considered, where the heck do we even go to get Ellanse in Singapore? Unfortunately, it’s still quite rare here. It’s mostly a beauty secret kept by the Taiwanese market. If you ever drop by Taiwan, you should be able to get it quite easily. Just ask for 少女针 and they will give it to you.

Speaking of which, I did a Google search and it seems that Singapore now has it too. You can get Ellanse at Kowayo Clinic located at 1 Raffles Link #01-03

Ellanse is most suitable for people who have deep creases and folds around their mouth, nose and eye areas are best suited for these treatments. Those with sunken cheeks can equally benefit from Ellanse Fillers. If you’re going for a treatment, remember that results take time to come! But I personally prefer natural methods rather than plastic ones.

Just think of Ellanse as a medicine that can make you grow younger instead of older. Sounds magical now, doesn’t it?