Dadbod vs Beach Bodies

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Dadbod vs Beach Bodies

Today, more men than ever are embracing their less than ideal bodies.

Having curves, flab, and a little extra weight around the middle is no longer frowned upon. In the process, however, it seems that women have been forgotten and still held to the same unrealistic beauty standards.

The celebration of the ‘dadbod’ as it’s known on the internet, is a real thing. A description of this dadbod includes a slightly flabby, less-then-perfect body, that screams, “I skip the gym to drink beer.”

The likes of Seth Rogen, Jason Segal and other similarly sized celebrities represent this look. Interestingly, according to many recent polls, college-aged women in the U.S. go bananas for a man with such a figure.

Unfortunately, the very same week that men were told to embrace their bellies women we’re being asked if they were ‘beach body’ ready. Sadly, the beach body for women is far from flabby, soft and bouncy.

In recent years, there has been a serious movement to embrace diversity when it comes to the female form. From advertising to modelling campaigns, there is a real effort to transform the way that women view themselves.

Despite these efforts, when it comes to women, they have been scrutinised and held to unrealistic body standards and judged for their body fat, rather than embraced for their unique size.

In the very article that brought about the dadbod, the main reason that women seem to like it is that men with a little extra weight tend to make their female counterparts look skinnier. However, some of these men with their dadbods look lazier, rather than attractive. If they find themselves packing on too many pounds they could end up with far fewer fans than they might have wanted.

For us ladies, maybe when we don’t need a trendy word, hashtag, or model campaign to make us feel more comfortable in our own skin. We simply need to embrace who we are and our bodies.