Benefits of a Nose Filler in Singapore

Benefits of a Nose Filler in Singapore

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure, but it is also expensive. It costs around $6,000 to do a full rhinoplasty in Singapore, which leaves many of us unable to afford it. Luckily doctors have started getting creative with filler procedures.

dermal nose filler augmentation

Non-surgical nose jobs that use fillers to shape the nose are growing in popularity. Barely 20 years ago, the idea of a nose filler was unheard of. Today, it is used as an in-office, lunchtime treatment to achieve an attractive nose. But what are the benefits of having a nose filler?

Here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider a nose filler over rhinoplasty:

#1 – It’s reversible.

That means if you don’t like the results of your nose filler in Singapore you can easily reverse them. A hyaluronidase enzyme can be used to dissolve the filler within a few hours.

#2 – No need to rest.

If you have surgical procedures, you won’t be going to work for a least a couple of weeks. Non-surgical rhinoplasty using nose fillers causes only a small amount of swelling and even more limited bruising and redness. No down time to worry about.

#3 – It’s affordable.

The average cost of a nose filler is $800. Compared to the surgical rhinoplasty costs, that amount is virtually non-existent! There is some maintenance required every two years or so, however.

Try out the new look before you commit! Instead of permanently fixing your nose in a certain alignment, you can try out the new look with non-surgical producers. The look won’t be quite the same, as liquid filling has a different consistency than changing the shape of the nose directly, so keep that in mind.

The bottom line is there is a solution for everyone, including those who have already had surgery. If your nose looks worse after surgery, this option can change the size and shape of your nose and restore it. Nose fillers are also easily available at nearly any medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Kowayo does nose fillers for one of the lowest prices in Singapore and it’s definitely one of the clinics worth considering.

Going through surgery isn’t ideal for everyone, so repairing a bad nose job is made much easier with using a nose filler.