Belly Fat Facts

belly fat facts

Belly Fat Facts

There are many pieces of opinion and fact that you can find when it comes to shedding belly fat.

One fact that you can count on is that the equation for losing fat is a simple one: consuming fewer calories than you burn will result in fat loss. Entering a calorie deficit will help you work on reducing that belly fat quickly, depending on the size of the deficit that you create on a daily base. Abdominal fat tends to be the fastest to go when losing weight, with other parts of the body quickly following suit.

There is information out there that suggests certain types of food will help lose belly fat as well.

Some of these foods include green tea, nuts, olive oil, and certain types of berries. While other foods containing sugars can show up quickly in the midsection of the body. Although this information exists, there is little factual evidence to support some of this information.

If you put a little common sense into play, you can quickly start to determine that natural foods and those with “good” fats will affect your body in a more healthy way than those containing sugars. Taking this and a balanced approach to your diet into consideration can help create the weight loss and the healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. Here are some items to consider in terms of belly fat:

  • Whole grains are a healthy alternative to white flour, and replacing white flour with whole grains has been shown to assist in lowering belly fat and supporting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Monounsaturated fats are considered heart healthy foods. Replacing some of the foods that you eat that might be high in sugar or heavily processed with “good” fat-containing foods such as nuts and avocados can not only help decrease your risk of heart disease but can help you maintain a healthy weight as well.
  • The Journal of Diabetes recently published a study that showed participants who ate muffins containing saturated fats saw increased body fat over the course of the study when compared to participants who ate muffins containing polyunsaturated fats. The oils used to create the healthier muffins were based in nuts and seeds such as sunflower, grapeseed, and peanut. This is continued evidence that polyunsaturated fats are much healthier and help with weight loss when combined with a balanced, nutritional diet.